toned abs with gastric balloons

Can I Get Toned Abs With the Help Of a Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloons are great for weight loss. It inflates and occupies space in the stomach which reduces appetite and, in turn, leads to weight loss. 

But many people have raised concerns about whether they can exercise and get toned abs with gastric balloons. The answer is yes!

Infact, you will be more surprised to hear that gastric balloon aids weight loss, increasing your chances of getting a toned and sculpted abdomen with the right set of exercises, diet, and lifestyle changes.

Here is how you can get toned abs with gastric balloons.

Exercises for getting toned abs while having a gastric balloon

If you have had a gastric balloon recently, it is best to start with light-impact exercises such as walking, jogging, or swimming. You can include the following exercises in your regimen to strengthen your core and build toned abs.

  • Laying leg raises: This exercise works the lower abdominal muscles and gradually builds them. You can also include this exercise when you are just beginning to exercise after the gastric balloon procedure.
  • Standard crunches: The crunches work on the full abdomen, especially the upper abdominal muscles.
  • Bicycle crunches: The crunches build side obliques, relax muscles and also work lower abdominal muscles.
  • Planks:  Planks are really good exercises for conditioning abdominal muscles. You can increase the duration and repetition of the exercise to raise the difficulty level.
  • Hanging leg raises: This is a bit difficult, a strength training exercise form that requires strong biceps and triceps. If you are accustomed to hanging leg raises, your lower abdominal muscles will become strong, and you can benefit from it as it works the full abdomen.
  • Single-leg side planks: It strengthens elbows, shoulders, glutes, and abdomen.

Exercises are very important to channel energy in muscle building because otherwise, the body will accumulate fat, and your stomach may bulge.

What diet should be preferred?

When you have a gastric balloon procedure, you should remember the following points.

  • Eat less and consume half a cup of food 5-6 times daily. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated, as it will keep you fuller and aid the weight loss.
  • Follow this pattern, preference-wise: 

EAT FIRST -Protein (eggs, beans, meat, fish, poultry,  pulses)

EAT SECOND– Vegetables, salad, and sprouts

EAT LAST – Carbohydrates (potato, pasta, bread, rice, grains)

Also, avoid fatty foods, caffeine, and alcohol intake.

Exercise and diet control works phenomenally in achieving toned abs. However, each person has a different body type and metabolic rates that vary the result. You can book a consultation with Dr. Girish Juneja and ask about the preferred diet in a one-on-one consultation. 

When choosing gastric balloons, be critical. Here’s why

Gastric balloons’ non-invasive or minimally invasive approach to weight loss makes them quite popular in Dubai. But, your choice of doctor may affect the results in the following ways:

  • The doctor will evaluate your condition and suggest the best gastric balloon suitable for your body type.
  • The more experienced the doctor, the better assurance of successful results.
  • The choice of balloon and procedure may also change results.
  • The doctor will put you on the required pre-procedure diet and guide you with the right diet to be followed.

As far as gastric balloon placement is concerned, Dr. Girish Juneja is the best GO-TO doctor in Dubai. With more than 20 years of experience in bariatric and laparoscopic surgeries,  Dr. Girish has done more than 1000 gastric balloon procedures and avails you of a variety of gastric balloons: Elipse, Orbera, and Spatz balloons, each with distinguished features.

Book your appointment with Dr. Girish and discuss your aspiration to get toned abs with gastric balloons.

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