Orbera Balloon in Dubai

What is an Orbera Balloon?

The Orbera Balloon in Dubai, It is a soft, silicone balloon which is placed inside your stomach nonsurgically through your mouth using endoscope. It is inflated with sterile saline 15- water to cover some of your stomach’s volume, making you feel full with smaller meals. It is a widely used intragastric balloon for weight loss with great success rate. It is a 20-minute procedure done in a clinic in a endoscopic unit and the balloon can stay in your stomach for up to 6 months  ( orbera)or 12 months ( orbera 365)

What is an Orbera Balloon procedure?

It is a procedure without surgery (endoscopically) indicated for patients who are either obese/overweight or have failed to diet attempts. The balloon partially fills the stomach and limits food intake, it gives you a feeling of satiety, so it should be easier to change eating habits &, as a consequence, lose weight.

How quickly can you achieve your weight loss goal with an Orbera balloon?

With an Orbera balloon, 90% of the weight loss will occur in the first three to four months, with the rest months primarily representing a weight maintenance period.

Orbera Balloon Insertion process

The unfilled gastric balloon is inserted through the mouth with the aid of an endoscopic camera. The procedure is conducted under IV sedation. Using a fluid supply tube, the gastric balloon is then filled according to the size of the stomach, and the tube is removed. The insertion of the gastric balloon takes between 10 to 15 minutes. You will be able to return home the same day after recovery which may take about one hour.

Orbera Balloon Removal

Within 6 months or 12 months (as per type), an endoscopic camera is again introduced into the stomach through mouth. The gastric balloon is then punctured, deflated, grasped with forceps, and removed via mouth, takes about 15 minutes.

Availability of Orbera Balloon in Dubai

Dr. Girish Juneja (Director weight loss center, Dubai ) offers all types  of gastric balloons namely:

  • ORBERA Balloon – both 6 months or 12 months
  • ELIPSE Balloon
  • SPATZ Balloon

So,  Dr. Girish’s clinic is a one-stop for the availability of all types of weight loss balloons.

What are the benefits of an Orbera balloon?

Orbera balloon is a non-invasive, minimally invasive treatment that uses a small device to inflate the body’s natural lymphatic system to improve lymph drainage and make the lymphatic system more effective.

Few benefits of an Orbera gastric balloon treatment in Dubai include:

  • Quick sense of fullness after small meals
  • Reduced appetite
  • Expected Weight loss  10 -15% with changed life style.

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