Myths About Weight Loss Surgery

Fad diets, weight loss pills and creams are the most common methods that many people often opt for losing weight. Then there are several non-surgical weight loss methods offered by many clinics like Read More

Diet Instructions to Follow Post Gastric Balloon Procedure

Gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss method that makes a patient feel full and limits the food intake. This procedure entails a temporary placement of the balloon in the stomach and then inflati

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Checklist To Follow Before Appearing For Reshape Balloon

After years of struggling and failed attempts of shedding the inches, a person has no option left except than surgery. Today, weight loss clinics in Dubai use different types of weight loss techniques to

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All That You Need to Know About Weight Loss with Gastric Balloon Procedure

In the world today where obesity has become part of the lifestyle rather than a troubling health issue, people are forever on the lookout for shortcuts to weight loss. Weight loss surgeries are among the

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Things to Expect In Gastric Balloon Procedure

Gastric balloon procedure in Dubai is a comparatively more preferred weight loss procedure among the usual surgeries and drastic diet regimes.When in Dubai, one seeks the best bariatric surgeons in Dubai

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What Needs to be done a Gastric Balloon procedure?

Obesity is best controlled with bariatric procedures, and one of the top, non-invasive ways of controlling weight is through the gastric balloon surgery. The gastric balloon is said to be a temporary wei

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11 Things to Know About a Gastric Balloon

Obesity is a thriving issue affecting millions worldwide. To cut down on the cases of obesity, medical science has put forth a number of solutions. One of the effective solution is the gastric balloon su

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