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The Revolutionary Way To Lose Weight Quickly and Safely

We offer a top-notch solution that is the result of 30 years of experience by

Dr Girish Juneja and his vivid experience in all kinds of weight loss procedures surgical & non surgical.

What is a Lex-Bal intragastric balloon?

The LexBal is a silicone balloon filled with saline that is rolled up inside a sheath. Its design and techniques for insertion and removal are comparable to best weight loss products. Patients with a BMI (body mass index) higher than 27 can lose weight & improve associated metabolic problems like blood sugar, cholesterol , high blood pressure ,snoring , PCOS successfully with the Lex-Bal gastric balloon.

In addition to helping people lose weight, this strategy lowers the likelihood of operative or postoperative complications in cases when surgery is required to treat obesity. Due to sensitivity, regular gastric balloons occasionally need to be withdrawn. By employing Lex-Bal, we can extend the treatment phase (1 year) to get the best weight reduction results by avoiding early removal by adjusting  the capacity of the balloon as per your stomach size. .

Redefine Your Life With Lex-Bal intragastric balloon Therapy

INTRAGASTRIC BALLOON LEX-BAL provides a new, innovative and effective weight loss

technique with the best safety profile.

Benefits of Lex-Bal intragastric balloon

A person weighing 100 kg should anticipate to lose an average of 10-20 kg, but ultimately, how much weight you really lose and manage to keep off will depend on how strictly you adhere to the recommendations of our obesity  specialists.

You must get used to the balloon and a specific diet plan, following healthy food and exercise recommendations as per specialist. This is mandatory for optimal weight loss. After the balloon is taken out, the pounds won’t come back if you continue to follow induced lifestyle changes . .

A survey suggests a patient satisfaction rate , and a weight loss of over 90% . A greater result is seen in those who presented adherence to nutritional treatment & daily activity, and no differences in the volume of filling the balloon was found.

With the help of an intra-gastric balloon and nutritional monitoring, we can re-educate the patient and help them develop new eating habits. Simply implementing a progressive diet and tailoring each phase to the patient’s tolerance enables us to improve eating behaviour and promotes more rapid weight reduction. The Lex-Bal intragastric balloon is well-tolerated, safe, and has minimal side effects.

Reduce functional stomach size without surgery with Lex-Bal intragastric balloon

Your stomach is filled with an intragastric balloon that takes up around one-third to half of the space in your stomach. By making you feel full, it aids in weight loss. This is accomplished in three ways:

  • Delaying gastric emptying makes you feel fuller for longer since the stomach takes longer to empty.
  • Reduced stomach capacity allows you to eat smaller portions.
  • Reduced appetite.

How it works

Step 1

In the gastrointestinal endoscopy suite, balloon insertion is a 15-minute procedure carried out under shor term sedation.

Step 2

A thin, flexible tube (endoscope) is passed through the patient’s mouth and throat down into the stomach.

The process is absolutely comfortable and painless. The recovery is brief because there are no surgical incisions made during insertion;

Step 3

The endoscope is used to guide the placement of the balloon in the stomach. Once the balloon is in place, it is inflated with sterile saline solution. The Lex-Bal balloon is removed through the mouth in a similar way to how it was inserted within a year.

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The Intragastric Balloon procedure is a safe and effective way to help people lose weight.

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