Research reports suggest weight loss Surgery can benefit obese pediatric patients

The fresh research reports suggest that weight loss surgery can improve liver disease and other obesity-related health problems in severely obese children and adolescents. With increase in the obesity & diabetes in Dubai and UAE, specially among the relatively younger patients this can break through to let the younger children enjoy a better healthy life with weight loss surgery in Dubai. While expert panel still recommends that bariatric surgery be reserved for carefully selected subgroups of young children with severe or morbid obesity and associated medical conditions.

After reviewing and analyzing the available evidence on bariatric surgery for obese children and adolescents. The evidence suggests that in carefully selected patients an early intervention by weight loss surgery in Dubai can strongly reduce the risk of adulthood obesity and obesity-related diseases. These weight loss surgeries are also surgery for diabetes in Dubai and works quite effectively to reverse the type 2 Diabetes.

While it has been also suggested that bariatric surgery, including the patient’s physical and psychological maturity, desire to undergo the procedure, previous attempts at weight loss, and ability to comply with follow-up medical care. These weight loss surgery in Dubai is considered a safe and effective option for extremely obese adolescents, as long as appropriate long-term follow-up is provided. Gastric bypass surgery in Dubai like Sleeve gastrectomy, and other types of weight loss surgery, which have gained significant use in adults, should also be considered investigational.”

The paper states that temporary devices, such as an intragastric balloon, are appealing for use in younger patients, as the effects are fully reversible. However, there are limited data on the use of these procedures in adolescents. It also states that the same is true for alternative procedures such as laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery in Dubai and sleeve gastrectomy. All of these approaches should be considered investigational in pediatric patients.

Dr. Girish Juneja
MS. Dip MIS,
Director Bariatric Center, Head of Surgery Dept.
International modern hospital
Al Raffa, Dubai UAE
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