Types of Gastric Balloon Procedures

Types of Gastric Balloon Procedures

Intragastric Balloon

The Intragastric Balloon is a non-surgical procedure recommended for patients with weight loss goals. Typically, overweight or those with failed diet attempts choose this procedure. Also, severely or morbidly obese (who do not want surgery or are in preparation for surgery) choose this procedure for weight management.
Intragastric Balloon modifies dietary behaviour under the supervision of a professional team. And the key to success lies in the patient’s willingness to persevere in diet control and management habits. There are different types of gastric balloons for weight loss.

How Does It Work?

The Intragastric balloon is a soft balloon that is either swallowed or directly placed in the stomach. The balloon is filled with a sterile solution and is left for about 4-6 months. During this time, it occupies space in the stomach and suppresses the feeling of hunger. The balloon gives you a feeling of satiety and restrictions, so it should be easier to change eating habits and portions of food, and as a consequence, you lose weight.

How is the Gastric Balloon Inserted?

1. Balloons Inserted by an Endoscope

An intragastric balloon is a silicone balloon endoscopically inserted into the stomach via the mouth. An initial endoscopy of the food pipe, stomach and upper duodenum is done to ensure no abnormality is present. The Intragastric balloon is placed in the stomach and filled with a blue solution (saline mixed with methylene blue). Later, the intragastric balloon is inflated to 400 and 700 cubic centimetres volume. The volume of inflation is decided depending on the person’s overweight and the size of the stomach.
Local anaesthesia is applied in the throat before insertion, and muscle relaxants are administered to facilitate the procedure smoothly and minimise patient discomfort.
Once the balloon reaches the stomach, the doctor fills the balloon with a catheter that seals hermetically, taking about 10 or 15 minutes.

There are 3 types of gastric balloon procedures done endoscopically


Spatz Balloon In Dubai

The Spatz Balloon is for those who want to lose weight but have failed in weight loss with tradational diet control and exercise. Anyone with a BMI above 27 and is not fit or interested in bariatric surgical procedures should opt for this minimally invasive gastric balloon. Learn more about SPATZ Balloon here.


Orbera Balloon in Dubai

Orbera balloon is endoscopically inserted in the stomach, and it is indicated for obese/overweight patients with failed diet attempts. The balloon partially fills the stomach and limits food intake, it gives you a feeling of satiety, so hunger reduces, and your food intake reduces as a consequence, and you lose weight. Learn more about Orbera Balloon here.


Reshape Balloon in Dubai

Reshape balloon procedure in Dubai is the weight loss program that has received FDA approval for acute weight reduction without any bariatric surgical procedure. It is a minimally invasive bariatric or weight loss surgery that requires less time for recoupment from surgery and getting back to normal life. It also shows the profound result for diabetes type 2 patients, all information related to Reshape Balloon is here.


The balloon capsule is directly swallowed under X-ray and endoscopic invigilation. Later the balloon inflates in the stomach. The Intragastric balloon’s effect last for six months to 1 year. It is no longer recommended use because the stomach’s gastric juices can weaken the balloon wall and perforate it. If the patient’s tolerance to the balloon has been good and there are no gastric injuries, a new one can be placed after extraction of the existing one.

The extraction process is similar to the insertion process, except that the content of the balloon is sucked up and the wrinkled balloon is taken out through the mouth. Or in the case of Elipse Balloon which opens up automatically after 4 months and passes out, so no need to remove it.

There are 2 types of gastric balloon procedures that do not need an endoscope. They are as follows:


Elipse Balloon in Dubai

The swallowable Elipse Balloon is a non-invasive weight loss procedure in which no endoscopic instruments or sedation is required while swallowing. In the first week of swallowing a balloon, the person will witness 10-15% weight loss, with considerable waist reduction. The procedure has minimal side effects, and the balloon usually passes out automatically after four months. Learn more here about Elipse Balloon.


The Obalon balloon system is designed for every person who wants to meet his/her weight management goals quickly without undergoing any invasive surgery or a long recovery time. Get more information here related to Obalon Balloon.

Check out a short video to know what exactly Gastric Balloon is

Check what all is included and not included in the package.

  • Pre-Operative consultation, blood, and other investigations.
  • Fees of the surgeon
  • Doctor Consultation charges
  • Medication used during and post-procedure
  • Routine laboratory testing.
  • Routine Medical consumables & Implants
  • Regular periodic follow up by dietician & surgeon for 1 to 2 yrs
  • Any type of therapy, investigation, or procedures apart from the above-mentioned will be charged separately.
  • After discharge, medication will be charged separately.

Gastric Balloon Treatment Cost as Per the Type of Balloon

  1. AED 15,000.00 (Includes Elipse balloon placement )
  2. AED 15,000.00 (Includes ORBERA  6 months balloon placement & removal)
  3. AED 20,000.00 (Includes ORBERA 365 for  1 year of Gastric Balloon placement & removal)
  4. 22,000.00 AED  (Includes adjustable Spatz ( 1 year)  Gastric Balloon placement, removal & refill once if needed.

Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon(Swallowable) Versus Endoscopic/Minimally invasive

  • Eclipse and Obalon balloons are swallowable gastric balloons.
  • Eclipse needs no extractions after four months and passes out in bowels, whereas Obalon needs endoscopic extraction.
  • Eclipse is fluid-filled, and Obalon is an air-filled capsule that functions the same.
  • These are swallowed as pills, which inflate in the stomach.
  • An effective form of non-surgical weight loss.
  • If the stomach’s digestion does not hamper, another balloon can be swallowed after extraction(if the patient demands).
  • Spatz, Orbera, and Reshape balloons are inserted endoscopically in the stomach.
  • Sedation is required.
  • The pill is placed in the stomach endoscopically.
  • Although these balls are surgically inserted and extracted, they are different from other bariatric surgeries such as gastric bypass, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, laparoscopic gastric band surgery, etc.
  • Effective for obese, with failed weight loss results with diet and exercise.

Which Type of Gastric Balloon is Best?

Only an experienced surgeon can recommend the best gastric balloon type. The self swallowed balloon avoids any anaesthesia or endoscopic placement, and it is done in-clinic under the monitoring of an X-ray scan. But there are chances that you regain weight after removing the gastric balloon, and it is more like a temporary solution. To maintain the change, you must develop a sustainable lifestyle that will maintain weight results after gastric balloon removal.

Whereas other balloons are also inserted in x-ray monitoring, with slight changes. The balloons can be removed after 4-6 months with sedation. It is important to have a one-on-one consultation with the bariatric surgeon and discuss your expectations and issues for weight loss based on your individual profile; Dr Girish will prescribe the best gastric balloon for you.


Get all known Gastric Balloon types under one roof at Weight Loss Surgery Dubai.

For more details on Gastric Balloon Dubai, please consult Dr Girish Juneja, Head bariatric centre at Al Zahra hospital Dubai. He is a veteran of laparoscopy, Gastric Balloon, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Gastric Band Surgery, and other weight-loss surgeries, including revisional weight loss surgery.

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