Reshape Balloon

Get rid of those extra kilos without undergoing the pain of any bariatric procedure or surgery with the help of Reshape balloon. We at Weight Loss Clinic believe that reducing weight is possible with the use of minimally invasive gastric balloon procedure Dubai has to offer. And to take the effectiveness of the gastric balloon a little further, such that the side effects are minimized, we present Reshape Balloon in Dubai.

Reshape balloon procedure in Dubai is the weight loss program that has received FDA approval for acute weight reduction without the use of any bariatric surgical procedure. Similar to any other gastric balloon Dubai, this procedure involves placing two balloons(connected) into the stomach, instead of one such large that you fill fuller faster, and eventually start losing weight due to restricted food intake. As two balloons are used in the procedure, it is also called as ‘integrated dual balloon’ procedure.

WeightLoss Clinic is one of the first places that offers competitive Reshape Balloon surgery price in Dubai, such that you shed those extra kilos and get ready for a healthy lifestyle, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Do you qualify for Reshape Balloon Surgery Dubai ?

Any adult suffering from acute obesity that has a BMI in the range of 27 to 40 qualifies for our Reshape Balloon procedure. Before you decide to opt for this procedure, kindly consult our weight loss experts who will discuss with you the feasibility of the procedure. Along with the procedure, you will be required to follow a strict regime of diet and exercise, such that the desired target of weight loss is achieved.

The Procedure

Reshape Gastric Balloon procedure is a minimally invasive technique wherein the balloons are placed into your stomach endoscopically (through mouth). In order to avoid gastric discomfort during the process, you are sedated, and then the doctor begins by putting a thin tube into your stomach, down the throat, with the deflated balloon.

Once the balloon reaches the stomach, it is then filled with saline solution. Two connected balloons are used instead of one for better placement and stability.

After 6 months, the balloon is removed endoscopically after deflating it fully .

About 15- 290 minutes is required for both placement and removal of the balloon.

You need not be hospitalized for the procedure, and can return home after few hours.

Why use Dual Balloons

When two balloons are used, called as Dual Balloons, they take the shape of the stomach easily, rather than a single balloon. Hence, you feel fuller faster than before. Secondly, dual balloons occupy larger capacity, and thus accelerate weight loss by reducing food intake significantly.

Whenever a single balloon deflates, it may pass down into the intestine, and may cause problems for a few. However, with a dual balloon system, the passage is avoided. When a single balloon deflates, the other inflated balloon prevents the deflated one from passing, thereby increasing the gastric balloon surgery Dubai safety.

Together with a healthy diet and regular exercise the Reshape Balloon surgery Dubai helps to achieve 3 times more weight loss than the regular dieting. Hence it is the best remedy for those wishing to lose weight.