SPATZ Balloon Procedure in Dubai

Obesity affects millions people across the globe and is responsible for several lifestyle related issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and others. We at Weight Loss understand help you relieve off your weight issues and obesity-related complications by presenting the minimally invasive gastric balloon procedure in Dubai. Unlike the other surgeries, there are no permanent changes to your digestive system in this procedure. And one such leading Say Goodbye to the extra kilos with Spatz Balloon procedure that accelerates weight loss is the Spatz Balloon procedure.

Spatz balloon is a revolutionary weight loss procedure that is minimally invasive and approved for a period of 1 year. Unlike the other Say Goodbye to the extra kilos with Spatz Balloon procedures, this one involves using a adjustable balloon system( Spatz3) – which is placed into the stomach. Unlike the other gastric balloon, this one can be adjusted, which makes it easy for the surgeon to change the size of the balloon in case there is any gastric discomfort or later wants to lose more by increasing its size.. We at Weight Loss Clinic understand how effective and helpful this procedure will be to your life, and how it will help you to transform it. So, we offer the best Spatz Balloon surgery price in Dubai, along with the assurance of quality hands doing the procedure for you.


The Spatz Balloon procedure is ideal for those who are determined to lose weight, but have experienced failures in other weight-loss methods such as diet control and exercise. Any person, whose BMI is above 27, and is not fit or interested in bariatric surgical procedures, should opt for this minimally invasive gastric balloon surgery. Our bariatric surgeons say that a person should at least have a BMI of 27 to opt for this procedure. This makes the Spatz Balloon Dubai an ideal procedure for candidates who may not be allowed similar other bariatric procedures. As the procedure does not require any kind of surgical cuts, any person having history of diabetes, hypertension, or conditions that may cause complications in other bariatric procedures, can opt for this procedure. With the adjustable balloon combined with fine diet, the Spatz Balloon is a unique, effective gastric balloon procedure to achieve weight loss.


The Spatz Balloon surgery Dubai involves the use of an adjustable intragastric balloon, unlike the typical gastric balloon surgery. This means that the balloon, when once placed in the stomach, can be adjusted by filling saline water (upto 750ml) to occupy the stomach and stimulate the feeling of being full faster.
The Spatz Balloon features adjustability, using which the balloon size can be adjusted to tackle the intolerance of the gastric balloon. Thus, patients can reduce the balloon volume whenever needed, without having to undergo balloon removal.
The implantation time of the Spatz Balloon surgery Dubai is 1 year, unlike the regular 6 months for other gastric balloons. Hence, it helps to achieve more weight loss & maintain it longer period so brings better results.
The beauty of Spatz balloon lies in its adjustability feature, the Spatz Balloon volume can be increased through a simple, 15-minute endoscopic procedure, to achieve better results.
Combined with proper diet, exercising, and behavioral changes, the Spatz Balloon Surgery is the ideal weight loss program with long term results.


  1. Longest I year duration
  2. Adjustability (can increase or decrease size )
  3. Excellent weight loss
  4. No surgery
  5. Day case procedure