The Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a Short, Simple, Successful gastric bypass weight loss surgery which is gaining popularity in recent years. It is low risk & has excellent long term weight loss & minimal pain.

The mini-gastric bypass procedure is restrictive and malabsorptive. It means that the procedure reduces the size of your stomach, restricting the amount you can eat. The procedure also reduces the absorption of food by bypassing up to 6-7 feet of intestines. This has excellent results for individuals who has diabetes with obesity. It reverses diabetes in 60- 80 % of patients.


  1. Shorter operating time.
  2. Less re-routing of the intestines.
  3. One fewer anastomosis (connection of intestines), which in theory means less chance of a complication.
  4. Similar weight loss and recovery.

Simple yet very effective weight loss surgery which is reversible too.

It is simple to perform, is more effective than band & safer than RNY gastric bypass.

This operation is done to treat morbid obesity type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and associated comorbidities. Weight-loss surgery results in weight loss, typically dramatic & also markedly reduces comorbidities. loke diabetes, high blood pressure, PCOS, back pain, sleep apnoea, etc.

The operation usually has a hospital stay is usually 2 nights. With excellent long term weight loss, minimal pain, and the option for reversal or revision if needed.

If you think you are overweight and want to get rid of your obesity then book an appointment with Dr Girish Juneja who offers the best Mini Gastric bypass surgery in Dubai.

If you have gastric band & results are not good or you are regaining weight or you have complications of Gastric band, in that case, we can remove band & replace with either sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery so that you can get rid of gastric band problems or can loose your regained weight.

This can be done in two separate stages or combined as one stage surgery.

Watch this brief video to get more information on Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery