Sleeve surgery Dubai has become increasingly safe & effective procedure for obese people. The Laparoscopic technique for Sleeve surgery has made this procedure very popular. It has an immediate effect on weight loss by caloric restriction & also helps in better control of blood sugar levels & in some cases even reversal. It can be performed in less time & is technically less complex as compared to gastric bypass. Also, it does not need the placement of the foreign body in the body like the Gastric band so avoid frequent visits to Surgeon for adjustments. Current medical evidence suggests that it results in excellent weight loss & diabetes reversal & is comparable to any other bariatric procedures & has low complications rate.


The weight loss with the Sleeve Gastrectomy has been running in the range of 55% to 70% of the excess body weight, depending on your circumstances. It has been shown to have better weight loss than the Lap Banding procedures & nearly same like gastric bypass.

If you are relatively young and otherwise healthy, able to exercise and are very good about following the program, you can many times exceed these averages, getting almost up to the kind of weight loss we would see with the gastric bypass(roux-en-y) or mini gastric bypass.

Dr. Girish Juneja has been one of the experts in laparoscopic techniques of performing the Sleeve Gastrectomy, having done them laparoscopically since many years, and continues to be involved with teaching the technique of this surgery to other young surgeons.

This operation is the only bariatric procedure that has no malabsorption (as the RNY and DS do) and no foreign body issues (as the Lap-Band® does). There is a very low risk at the time of surgery, relative to the RNY and the DS, and an extremely low risk of needing another operation in the future, especially compared to Laparoscopic Gastric Banding procedures.

Weight Loss Mechanism

The reduction of the size of the stomach, to about 100cc in volume, results in a powerful restrictive weight loss. As a result, patients feel full after a very small amount of food and therefore, lose weight because they eat less, and they are happy eating less. There are also significant effects on the hunger mechanisms that make the weight loss seen with the Sleeve Gastrectomy even better than would be seen just with a small stomach pouch. Hunger is favorably affected because there is a reduced capacity to produce Ghrelin, a substance that plays a role in how you feel and relieve hunger.

Preservation of Pyloric Valve(gateway ) of normal stomach

Also very important is the fact that it preserves the pylorus, the valve that regulates emptying of the stomach. This acts as “nature’s band” and allows food to hold up in the stomach for a while, making the person feel full while the food trickles out. Coupled with the fact that there is no rearrangement of the bowel, it also means dumping and marginal ulcers are not a problem. The normal satiety mechanism is enhanced by this mechanism.

The Operation

The Sleeve Gastrectomy operation is done with 3-5 small incisions and takes about an hour to do. Dr. Girish Juneja uses a small calibration tube to size the Sleeve so that the diameter of the resulting stomach pouch is not too small or too large. He does a “leak test” in the operating room before he completes the operation for extra safety to make sure that no complication happens. Having the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy usually involves just an overnight stay in the hospital. You are able to return to work, resume heavy lifting and strenuous activity, in most cases, in about three to four weeks from the time of surgery. If you are doing light duty at work, there is the possibility of going back to work after one week to 10 days.

Here is a video explaining the sleeve gastrectomy in brief:

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