Why is Gastric Band Surgery preferred by doctors?

Gastric Band Surgery is a popular weight-loss surgical procedure in Dubai these days. It is effective solution for those who are extremely overweight, typically with a Body Mass Index more than 40. It is a relatively simple surgery where an adjustable gastric band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach to divide it into two unequal parts. The upper small portion acts as stomach, and the lower small portion becomes redundant. The band contains a balloon connected to a port. The port is placed below the skin on the abdominal wall. Doctors can inject saline water in the port that blows the balloon inside of the band. The procedure is called a “fill”, and the band controls food intake and hunger effectively.

The filling procedure needs to be repeated at a regular interval. There isn’t any specified protocol for it. Each doctor uses his or her intellect to decide the frequency. As a rule of thumb, patients need three to five fills in the first twelve months. Later the frequency comes down to two per year. Good quality Weight Loss Surgery Dubai clinics offer world-class facilities and expert doctors who perform the procedure effectively and safely.

Weight loss experts consider this method more effective than other alternative options. Since there is no removal of stomach, the procedure can be reversed in very unlikely condition of side-effects. It is an easy variation of Bariatric Surgery. With a little bit precaution and change in the lifestyle, patients can achieve significant weight loss.

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