What Needs to be done a Gastric Balloon procedure?

Obesity is best controlled with bariatric procedures, and one of the top, non-invasive ways of controlling weight is through the gastric balloon surgery. The gastric balloon is said to be a temporary weight loss surgery tool that helps to achieve your weight loss goals while changing your diet and lifestyle.

After the gastric balloon is inserted into your stomach, your stomach will have less space to hold food. As a result, your stomach will fill up more quickly when you eat, and its receptors will tell your brain that you are full. Thus, smaller meals will give you feeling of satisfaction, and you will eventually lose weight due to restricted food intake.

And when this is coupled with exercise and healthy lifestyle, the weight loss process is accelerated.

After the gastric balloon Dubai procedure, you must be committed to continue and maintain your new healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Once, the gastric balloon is removed, your stomach returns back to the normal size. But, it is this healthy lifestyle that will help you to maintain weight.


You will put on a fluid-only diet for first week  after the balloon is placed into the stomach. You are allowed to drink small sips of caffeine-free liquids at regular intervals, and in small amount which equal to eight cups a day to avoid dehydration. You will need to drink water regularly to stay hydrated.

Once your stomach is adjusted to balloon means no nausea or vomiting then you will be able to eat soft foods. This diet needs to be continued for the next 10 days. You are allowed to drink only 8 cups of fluid between the meals.

Post the7- 10-day period, you will be able to eat normal textured foods again. However, you will be put on a new diet that is controlled; it needs to be healthy, provide plenty of energy, and avoid dehydration.

After the surgery, you should plan to eat three healthy meals each day and the max calorie daily allowed is of 1200 kcal or as guided by dietician . While eating, you should chew slowly and eat small morsels. Avoid binge eating as it will cause nausea or vomiting.

Certain food items like pasta and soft bread may stick to the gastric balloon. Care needs to be taken, and you should drink ample of water to avoid any problem.


After the surgery, you will be asked to embrace a new lifestyle that will aid weight loss. You should begin with light exercise immediately. This includes taking daily ten-minute walk to create a healthy routine. As you start feeling healthy and fit, you should increase the intensity and length of workout.

You will be asked to include a variety of exercises in your programme to increase endurance, flexibility and strength. You may choose physical activities that you enjoy as you will continue to do them. Exercising will not only accelerate the process of weight loss but also help you build a better image of your body.


On an average, people are known to lose between 20 and 30% or more  of their excess weight. This can be maintained with proper diet and exercise.

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