Weight loss surgery are associated with longer survival, says the study

Obese people seem likely to live longer if they have weight loss surgery compared to those patients who do not have surgery, according to Journal of the American Medical Association. The study, which included 2,500 obese patients and nearly 7,500 matched controls, concluded that that patient who has gone for surgery for obesity and Diabetes, had a 53 percent lower risk of dying from any cause at five to 14 years after the procedure.

Previous studies of long-term survival after weight loss surgery involved younger, mostly female populations who tended to have few obesity-related diseases. In contrast, this study have the population that was older – with a mean age of 52 – 74 percent male. Also 55 percent of the population had diabetes, and many had other diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, and depression. Seventy four percent of patient had a gastric bypass surgery, 15% sleeve gastrectomy, 10% gastric band surgery, and 1% other.

The study have tracked a large group of patients for a long enough time and based on that a strong link has been discovered between weight loss surgery and long-term survival. The results may have broader implications for encouraging weight loss in general among the people who might be apprehensive about the outcomes. For people in Middle East who are really paying big price due to obesity and related disorders can safely take the gastric bypass surgery in Dubai for a healthier life ahead as it has become a common phenomenon in US and European countries.

As the weight loss surgery in Dubai have already become least invasive with the presence of minimally invasive surgeries like gastric band surgery in Dubai, it’s time for people to move towards the obesity free healthy life.

Dr. Girish Juneja
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Director Bariatric Center, Head of Surgery Dept.
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