A gastric sleeve surgery is highly helpful for all those people who want to get rid of their excess weight. But this is recommended only to those who are obese or highly obese. People with slight obesity are not suitable for this. This invasive procedure makes the size of the stomach smaller. Around 85% of the stomach size is removed and the patient with small stomach will feel less urge to eat much. They will feel fuller even by eating small portions.

This procedure involves small incision instead of one large incision in the patient’s stomach. The surgeons insert a tube which is equipped with small cameras and other equipment. After the tube insertion procedure is completed, the surgeons will close the tube shaped stomach via staples. The patient loses a significant amount of weight as the patient feels fuller most of the time. The tendency to eat more becomes less. This surgery is perhaps the most advanced form of weight loss surgery.

Patients don’t have to spend much time in the hospital as in most cases, the patients are asked to stay only a day or two in the hospital. After the surgery, the patient feels a swollen abdomen just for a few days and gradually this swollen feeling tends to ward off. Some surgeons also prescribe medication after the surgery and ask the patient for a short rest. During the initial two weeks of the post weight loss surgery, the patient is asked to take only liquid diet.

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About Weight Loss Surgery Dubai

Dr. Girish Juneja, is a well experienced laparoscopic surgeon in Dubai & has a special interest in bariatric surgery. He had his basic laparoscopic training from Ninewells Medical College, Dundee, Scotland & UK. He has diploma in minimal surgery from Strassbourg, France. He is Fellow of ACE Bariatric Surgical Center, Emmen, Netherlands. He is one of the expert in the field Bariatric Surgery ( Weight loss surgery / Obesity Surgery ) from Dubai.

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