Now Weight Loss Surgery Can Help To Counter Urinary Problems

Countering urinary problems in patients

As the obesity is becoming more cosmopolitan the weight loss surgeries are not just countering it but also coming off with added benefits that can make the body more enduring. The most recent benefit of weight loss surgeries in Dubai is the effectiveness in countering urinary problems in patients who have gone through weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass or Sleeve surgery in Dubai. A new research has shown that weight loss surgery may lessen the frequency and severity of lower urinary tract symptoms among obese people.
Lower urinary tract symptoms

Lower urinary tract symptoms related to urinary frequency and urgency, bladder leakage, the need to urinate at night, and incomplete bladder emptying are associated with obesity in both men and women. The research has gathered the data of people suffering from urinary problems and has been treated by weight loss surgeon are found to have begin to improve their Urinary tract problems.

The investigators studied 72 patients who underwent the surgery and were followed for one year. There was a significant weight loss and a reduction of body mass index after surgery and also at six weeks, a significant reduction in overall symptoms found and improvement was sustained for a year. There is also an indication that the improvement in the urinary symptoms is linked to improvements in insulin resistance which takes place almost immediately after the weight loss surgery in Dubai.

As the obesity has already detected as one of the major health concerns in UAE and other Gulf regions, weight loss surgeries in Dubai are also been in demand. People looking to get back to the healthier lives as quickly as possible are opting for weight loss surgeries in Dubai as medical facilities are equipped to provide the most advanced process with a quick recovery period.

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