Now Weight loss surgeries to improve kidney functioning and lower cardiovascular risk

With obesity becoming one of the prime health concerns for people in gulf, people in Gulf countries are looking weight loss surgeries in Dubai for a quick remedy to weight issues. Now the Bariatric surgeries which are offered by a league of specialist and some of the best weight loss surgeon in Dubai can also improve their kidney function. The report states that Bariatric surgery have beneficial impact on kidney function in patients with and without baseline kidney disease.

The study have has been done on a total of 3,134 patients where 36.6% had diabetes, and 6.4% had eGFR. While one year after weight loss surgery in Dubai, an average weight decreased approx. 38%, mean BMI decreased from 46.8 to 32.6. The report had concluded that more emphasis should be placed on promoting healthy lifestyles to avoid morbid obesity, and prevent chronic kidney disease. It can be another significant contribution of the bariatric surgeries to improve the health of people suffering from obesity and diabetes in Dubai.

There are studies which has already validated cardiovascular risk reduction in bariatric patients after undergoing weight loss surgeries in Dubai. The studies has demonstrated a significant reduction in cardiovascular risk following the bariatric surgery. Patients undergoing gastric bypass in Dubai have significant sustained reduction in their ten-year cardiovascular risk. Earlier also weight loss surgeries were found quite beneficial in controlling the Type 2 Diabetes in people.

The impact of weight loss surgeries is so high that now it has been recommended by the specialists and health organisations in Gulf countries for people who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes as the surgeries for Diabetes in Dubai. As Dubai is all geared up to provide the surgical benefits of these remedies to patients in Gulf countries and other GCC nations, people can get to these disorders with just a simple and safe surgeries.

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