Going for a weight loss surgery, then better prepare your body with a pre-surgery diet

Weight loss surgery is not an instant surgical procedure, your body needs complete preparation to be ready for the surgery and recovery after that. For that you need to alter your diet weeks before the surgery with a balanced diet which is often known as pre-op diet. Here the person who is expected to go through a weight loss surgery in Dubai need to know few things about the pre-op diet. First one why you need a pre-surgery diet, what are the components of it and when to start pre-surgery diet to help your body to be ready for the Weight loss surgery in Dubai.

First we can start with why you need a pre-surgery diet.

Pre-surgery diet is required to reduce body fat in and around the liver.

It help the body to preserve and protect muscle tissue with a low calorie diet.
The pre-surgery diet for weight loss surgery in Dubai helps to mold the body with essential proteins for a healthy recovery after the surgery.

When to Start a Pre-Surgery Diet?

The answer to when to start pre-surgery diet depends on the patient’s weight and the type of weight loss surgery in Dubai. Like for gastric bypass surgery in Dubai the pre-op diet may start two to three months before surgery, while for gastric band surgery in Dubai, the pre-op diet may start only two to three weeks before surgery. Your surgeon can provide the best consultation on how much weight needs to be reduced before surgery.
What should/shouldn’t be part of your pre-surgery diet?

The pre-surgery diet contains healthy foods like yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, lean meats or fish, fruits and vegetables. Your surgeon can best recommend the complete balanced pre-surgery diet that can best prepare your body before the surgery. However there are few fat rich foods which needs to be abandoned like fatty meats, fried foods, whole dairy products or anything that is high in carbohydrates. You must avoid habits like smoking, taking alcoholic beverages, binge eating before going through weight loss surgery in Dubai.

The most important thing is to strictly follow your surgeon’s pre-op diet and nutritional plan to minimize any sort of surgical risks and improve recovery. Bariatric surgery is the first step to get rid of obesity and diabetes in Dubai and you need to be well prepared to make it a success with a pre-surgery diet.

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