Gastric bypass surgery can teach medical professionals important lessons about weight loss

Research claims that patients who have been through gastric bypass surgery can teach medical professionals important lessons about weight loss. The research focused on the gastric bypass surgery patients’ eating experiences before and after surgery and interview of patients who have undergone the procedure. The research says for many patients suffering from obesity and diabetes, the post-surgery diet is contrary to everything they used to like about eating – the very experience of eating as well as the social aspect of it changes – and for some it feels like an encroachment.

Even though the obese patients’ struggle to lose weight and change diet may seem exceptional and extreme, while the experiences with gastric bypass surgery can teach us important lessons about changing diet and eating habits. While the chances of achieving permanent weight loss increase if the person who wants to lose weight can maintain a link to what he or she feels is a pleasurable eating experience. Mostly weight loss surgery like keyhole surgery are highly effective in helping the patient to curve their hunger and get used of a healthy diet in the long term.

Good things is that all the weight loss surgery in Dubai are able to get good results when it comes to weight loss and picking up healthy eating habits after the surgery. With least invasive surgeries like gastric band surgery in Dubai, patients can be assured of great weight loss results with least surgical procedures and establishing a healthy eating habit for the future.

Dr. Girish Juneja
MS. Dip MIS,
Director Bariatric Center, Head of Surgery Dept.
International modern hospital
Al Raffa, Dubai UAE
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