Gastric Balloon – Best Option For Healthy Fast Weight Loss

Gone are the days when bariatric surgeries were the only options for losing a good amount of weight. Now more and more people are opting for non invasive techniques for losing weight, and gastric balloon in Dubai happens to be the most popular among them all. This is because firstly this procedure requires no invasion and you can lose a significant amount of weight after undergoing this quite natural process of losing weight. Many of the weight loss clinics in Dubai offer this 20-minute outpatient procedure at a comparatively lesser amount than any other weight loss process. This is one of the best alternatives for people with lower body mass indexes. Moreover, there are evidences that patients have lost over 10-20% of their total body weight within a period of 6 months after undergoing the procedure.

Who qualifies for gastric balloon?

For you to undergo the procedure of gastric balloon in Dubai you need to have a total body mass Index of 30 to 40 units. This parameter is mandatory. Moreover your physician may also not allow you for a gastric balloon, if you already have had had some kind of bariatric surgery in the past.

What happens in the procedure?

During the procedure of gastric balloon, also sometimes called as endoscopic intragastric balloon,  Deflated silicon balloons are inserted inside the stomach of the patient either by swallowing a pill or via endoscopy(depending upon type of balloon either OBALON or ORBERA) , once the balloon is inside the stomach, it is inflated with gas or saline. The inflated balloon acquires around 200-250ccto 600 cc  volume in the stomach and as a result lesser food is consumed by the patient that results in significant weight loss. Many of the patients require around 2-3 balloon(OBALON) inserts in an interval of 2-3 weeks between the implants. This however depends on the BMI of the patient and how his/her body responds to a single balloon implant.

What to expect from the procedure?

After having a gastric balloon insert done, the hunger of the patient is controlled. Since the gastric balloon(s) take up sufficient space in the stomach, it generates a feeling of fullness after eating a lesser amount of food. This feeling is maintained for a longer period of time, and hence overall resulting in an effective weight loss, i.e about 10-20% as said by experts at Mayo Clinic.  After performing the procedure of gastric balloon in Dubai, your doctor/ nutritionist  will suggest a special diet and exercise program, which should also be followed to see good and long lasting results. Patients may also show improvement in several diseases like diabetes, joint/bone disease, and heart-related issues.

What are the benefits of gastric balloon?

Of course being a weight loss procedure, the outcome of gastric balloon is significant weight loss from the patient’s body. Because the appetite remains in control, the person actually eats less and sheds his/her around 10-30% of the total body weight within a period of six months.  The procedure requires no cuts, wounds or stitches, it is very safe and effective, it is a fast and healthy way to lose weight, and does not require any permanent change in the body.

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