All That You Need to Know About Weight Loss with Gastric Balloon Procedure

In the world today where obesity has become part of the lifestyle rather than a troubling health issue, people are forever on the lookout for shortcuts to weight loss. Weight loss surgeries are among the easiest solutions, and for those who balk at the sound of ‘surgery’, gastric balloon procedure is an essential option. For those who need it, one can find the best bariatric surgeon to perform gastric balloon procedure in Dubai at renowned weight loss clinics like Al Zahra Hospital, Cocoona Clinic for aesthetic transformation, etc.

How does Gastric Balloon procedure work?

In Gastric Balloon procedure, the doctor orally inserts a soft deflated silicone gastric balloon into the stomach wherein it is then inflated with air or filled with a saline solution. This balloon would take up considerable space within your stomach that is otherwise filled with food. A patient would hence feel fuller more easily and would consume lesser amounts of food as a result.

A new technique involves swallowing a gastric balloon pill capsule attached to a thin tube, which when reaches the stomach, is inflated with air via the thin tube that is later removed.

What happens during the gastric balloon procedure?

While performing the gastric balloon procedure, the patient would be administered with general anesthesia to numb the throat. In a procedure that generally takes less than half an hour, the doctor will insert the deflated gastric balloon orally into the stomach using endoscopic instruments. A small catheter attached to the balloon is used to fill it with air or sterile saline solution, after which the catheter is removed. The balloon self-seals itself, and the patient can readily go home the same day the procedure is completed.

Eligibility for gastric balloon procedure

Gastric balloon procedure is generally recommended for the severely obese patients who require a quick loss of weight for surgical purposes – this procedure can kick-start your attempts at weight loss and make surgery safer.

This procedure can be used to initiate weight loss in case it’s necessary for an upcoming event. Also, in cases where a patient does not meet the criteria for weight loss surgery (it requires a BMI of 40 or higher), gastric balloon procedure is recommended.

Changes to be expected after the gastric balloon procedure

It is not implied that simply undertaking the gastric balloon procedure would trigger weight loss in anybody. As with any weight loss procedure, the gastric balloon procedure is also accompanied by a strict diet that needs to be followed by patients who have undergone this procedure. It is necessary that one follows the diet correctly once the gastric balloon is inserted so that they get used to it and follow the diet seamlessly even after the gastric balloon is removed later. Deviation from the recommended diet, post removal of the gastric balloon would result in uncontrolled weight gain which would make the whole process futile.

How much weight can one expect to shed with this procedure?

The effectiveness of gastric balloon procedure in Dubai entire depends on how well a patient follows their recommended diet regime during and after the procedure is implemented. Generally, gastric balloon procedure for weight loss has been known to help reduce at least 35% of the excess body weight of an obese person.

All in all, gastric balloon procedure in Dubai for weight loss is an extremely effective way to kick start the weight loss process in an obese person and is a significant step towards the start of a lifelong program of healthy eating as well!

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