Things to Expect In Gastric Balloon Procedure

Gastric balloon procedure in Dubai is a comparatively more preferred weight loss procedure among the usual surgeries and drastic diet regimes.When in Dubai, one seeks the best bariatric surgeons in Dubai to perform this procedure Cocoona Centre for aesthetic transformation is one of the most highly recommended weight loss clinics in Dubai.

There are several things to be kept in mind when an obese person decides to undertake gastric balloon procedure for weight loss, be it for quick weight loss before a surgery, for an upcoming event, or for weight loss in case a person isn’t eligible for surgery and other alternatives.

For instance, there are certain steps to be taken before you undergo the gastric balloon procedure – a change in eating habits to ease your body into the new diet system that you’re going to enforce upon it. There are certain pre-procedure details to be taken care of, It is advised to not consume solid food from 12 hours and abstain from liquid foods 6 hours prior to the procedure.

It would be ideal to take some time off from your hectic work schedules during this procedure so that you can relax and set up a comfortable spot for yourself while you endure certain discomforts that are likely to occur upon the insertion of the gastric balloon. Make arrangements for your off-time, stock up on medications and your recommended diet supplies, keep handy your favorite books, games or playlist that you can enjoy while the gastric balloon does its work.

Though less severe, there are chances that you’d suffer from certain discomforts during the period of having the gastric balloon in your stomach. Initially, your body needs to adjust to having a significant volume of its space occupied by this external agent (gastric balloon). This may lead to experiencing nausea, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea or cramping in the stomach until the body adjusts to the gastric balloon. In cases where the symptoms are severe, the doctor may recommend certain medications. Otherwise, you simply have to follow the recommended diet plan and keep an eye on the amount of food you consume (never going beyond the amount that makes you feel full). The symptoms wane with time as your body is used to the new regime.

Experiencing nausea is one of the most common symptoms of gastric balloon procedure. Apart from taking anti-nausea medications, it is also advised to stay well hydrated; relax and ensure you sit in a resting yet upright position that would help food move down the digestive tract faster. Withdrawing from caffeine and taking care to lie down on your left side are other changes that can help you deal better with nausea.

The success of gastric balloon procedure in Dubai, however, done with the best weight loss surgeons in Dubai always depend on how well the patient sticks to a healthy and proper diet. It depends on the tolerance of a person to resist food consumption beyond the feeling of ‘fullness’. Even after the removal of the gastric balloon after the designated period of time, if and only if the patient continues with their healthy diet and controls their intake of food, shall the patient be able to maintain their newly reduced weight. Hence, gastric balloon procedure is no magic tool that erases your excess weight – it is solely an aid to your mental bearing for a new, controlled and healthy lifestyle.

Do you know there are six types of gastric balloons available, next time ask your surgeon!!

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