Weight gain is a side-effect of modern sedentary lifestyle and incorrect eating habits. Remedies like exercise and diet control are recommended by experts because they are harmless and natural. However, these methods are not quite effective for extremely overweight or obese people. They have to undergo specialized treatments. Surgical procedures for weight loss become quite popular these days because they are effective and long-lasting. Statistics reveals that the number of people undergoing these procedures is increasing every year. In places like Dubai, Bariatric Surgery is quite popular. You can find a number of Weight Loss Surgery Dubai clinics offering world-class facilities to carry out different versions of Bariatric Surgery.

Who are the right candidates for it?

When a patient approaches a good-quality Sleeve Surgery Dubai clinic, doctors check the feasibility and eligibility first. It is recommended for people who can’t reduce weight by conventional methods. Doctors recommend it when:

• The Body Mass Index or height-to-weight ratio is 40 or more.
• Weight is at least 100 pounds more than the recommended ideal weight.
• The BMI is 35, but there are severe medical complexities like Sleep Apnea, Type 2 Diabetes or heart problem.

What is a Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?

It is a specialized weight-loss procedure helpful for those who are extremely heavy weight. In this procedure, surgeons remove a large portion of the stomach. The remaining portion is hardly of the size of a banana. After the surgery, a person feels stomach full after consuming a small portion of food. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Earlier it was an invasive operation with a large cut in the abdomen. Modern laparoscopic procedures do not need large incisions, making it quite less invasive.
Two to five incisions are made in the abdominal area, and a laparoscope is inserted into the opening. The laparoscope has a camera attached to the front that is connected to the screen. Doctors look at the monitor and perform the surgery in the belly. A large portion of the stomach is removed, and the remaining one is stapled to appear it like a banana or vertical sleeve. That is the reason it is called a ‘sleeve surgery.’ There is no change in the sphincter muscles that allow the food to enter the stomach. The process takes around 60 to ninety minutes. Gastric Band Surgery is a variant where the stomach isn’t removed partially, but the size is reduced using an adjustable band.


One must remember it isn’t a quick fix for obesity. The surgery changes the lifestyle completely. Since it isn’t possible to eat large portions at a time, people need to consume a small portion of healthy food. Regular exercise is compulsory for maintaining weight loss and avoiding complications. Since the procedure is irreversible, thorough analysis is needed before taking the decision for Sleeve Surgery. There are not many risks involved in the operation. However, doctors carry out complete physical examination. Patients are supposed to inform special medical conditions like pregnancy or allergies beforehand.

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