Offering you the best weight loss surgery in Dubai

Obese and having weight related conditions? Seeking a doctor for help? Your search ends here at Dr. Girish Juneja Weight loss surgery Dubai. If you are ready to make life better, you are at in the right place. Our weight loss center in Dubai offers different types of weight loss surgery according to your needs and suitability. Experts have reached to the conclusion that weight loss surgery is a better option as it is far more effective than other methods.

We offer Gastric mini bypass surgery in Dubai; in this type of operation, the surgeon leaves only a small pouch in your stomach, thus reducing the amount of food you can intake. The excess food so consumed bypasses the stomach and reaches the small intestine. Gastric mini bypass surgery Dubai is done through a laparoscope. Our doctors can also perform the Gastric Band Removal Surgery Dubai.

After the Gastric mini bypass surgery, Dubai at our center, or any other surgery for that matter, people lose weight within 18-24 months. You many also contact us after your surgery as well! Unlike other medical centers, regular follow-ups at our center ensure that clients maintain their weight and do not regain their weight fully after the surgery.

With world class facilities and well experienced doctors, we give you the best. People not only Dubai but all over UAE come to us for their weight loss surgery and the related problems.

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