Diet Instructions to Follow Post Gastric Balloon Procedure

Gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss method that makes a patient feel full and limits the food intake. This procedure entails a temporary placement of the balloon in the stomach and then inflating it with the help of an endoscope. This reduces the available room in your stomach for food and water, causing you to eat less and feel full for a longer period. The balloon only remains within the stomach for 6 months and then it is removed. As with any weight loss procedure, proper diet is extremely important after weight loss surgery Dubaito ensure success with long-term weight loss. Here is a gastric balloon diet instruction one should follow to achieve long-lasting results by transitioning to a healthy diet.

Every stage of the diet should be followed for at least 3 to 5 days. This should also depend on your ability to transition to the next stage. If not, comfortable you can take your time.

Day 1 – Clear Liquid Diet

After 3-5 days of placement, you should follow a clear liquid diet to stay hydrated. Make a goal of drinking minimum 48 Oz to 64 Oz to prevent dehydration. Make sure you drink plain or unsweetened beverages. If consuming any fruit juice, it should be 100% fruit juice with no added sugar, and that too diluted with water to reduce sugar intake.  Also, if you drink tea a lot, try herbal teas to reduce the chance of dehydration. Avoid drinking it if you experience heartburn or acid reflux as tea is acidic in nature. It is recommended that one should drink slowly, taking small sips to avoid nausea. Avoid citrus juices, tomato juice, alcohol, caffeinated drinks that creates gas.

Day 6 – Thick liquid diet

Now, after completing stage 1 for 3-5 days move on to stage 2. This stage consists of a thick liquid diet so, it would be beneficial to use a blender to puree your meals. Include the food items that are highly nutritious and low in sugar. You can prefer foods like a protein shake, Greek yogurt, milk, blended soups, and pureed vegetables. Moreover, you should avoid carbonated beverages, foods with large chunks or pieces, foods with added sugar such as desserts.

Day 12 – Semi solid diet

After following stage 1 and 2 successfully, comes up the next stage, which entails semi-solid diet. This stage begins 7 to 10 days after balloon placement. The food items you eat at this stage should incorporate items that can be easily mashed and eaten or are soft and moist. Still, you should avoid the foods with added sugar and foods with caffeine content.

Day 18 – Solid Foods Diet

By now you might get ready to transit to stage 4 of the gastric balloon diet plan, which is solid foods.  At this stage, you can start eating normal foods and get back to your routine foods again. But make sure your diet plan should be healthy and anything you eat is balanced. This is the time when you will finally create a lifestyle with a healthy diet and healthy habits for your long-term success.

Your diet routine should be focused on mostly non-starchy veggies and lean protein. Yes, fat is considered healthy, but needs to be checked and eaten in moderation, as too much can negatively impact weight loss. When eating fruits and beans, it would be better if you pair your items with protein. Following these stages strictly will help you achieve your goals of reduced weight after the procedure of Gastric balloon Dubai.

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