Dr. Girish Juneja will be taking Online (Zoom) free-consultation with patients planning to go for Weight Loss/General Surgery/ Laparoscopic in Dubai.

So Many Procedural Options to Choose From

Please note:- all the packages includes regular post procedure Online Zoom follow up from comfort of your home (clinic visit as needed) details will be given by coordinator

Gastric Balloon

Elipse gastric Balloon (Include Dietician Care )

AED 14,500

Endoscopic Balloons
Placement + Dietician Care (6 month)

AED 10,999

Endoscopic Balloons
Placement + Dietician Care + Removal (6 months)

AED 15,999

Endoscopic Balloons
Placement + Dietician (12 months)

AED 15,000

Endoscopic Balloons
Placement + Dietician Care + Removal (12 months)

AED 20,000

Orbera gastric Balloon

AED 18,000

Spatz( adjustable) gastric balloon Placement + Removal + Dietician Care

AED 20000

Gastric balloon removal

AED 5000

Laparoscopic Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgical Procedures

Sleeve Surgery

AED 34,000

Gastric band

AED 30,000

Removal :

AED 25,000

Gastric Bypass Surgery

AED 40,000

Revisional Bariatric Surgery

AED 50,000 onwards


For chronic reflux (heartburn)

AED 4000

Stretta Procedure (Chronic Heart Burn)

AED 32,000

*Insurance may or may not cover the above mentioned procedures. Please check with your service provider.

How To Avail:

  • Contact the number/fill the form
  • 30 Minutes of Virtual/ Online Zoom consultation. Post Online consultation, Doctor will decide depending upon your BMI and associated medical condition whether you qualify for the procedure & discounted pricing or not. If qualified, a paid deposit to lock in your special pricing until the time of your procedure in the coming months depending upon the available slot & necessary permissions.

Why Dr. Girish Juneja?

  • He’s an Industry veteran helping patients fighting obesity for the last 2 decades(he is one of the founding members of emirates obesity society) well experienced surgeon, who has done hundreds of weight loss procedures in UAE on local & international patients, so you can count for best results & safety
  • Offering full precautions as per national/ international guidelines to maximize COVID free environment for the procedure.
  • Online (Zoom) consultations before/after procedure to ensure your safety & comfort of your home without exposure to clinic crowd.
  • Enabling virtual follow up for continued success of the procedure when patients cannot visit the clinic in person.
  • First surgeon to have received surgeon of excellence for bariatric surgery (by world body - international federation for the surgery of obesity & metabolic disorders) in Dubai, UAE 2017
  • First surgeon from UAE to be part of multi-centric study
    ( international ) & have submitted/ published three academic papers( 2019/2020) on Gastric balloon from UAE

Why Weight loss surgery is important in the world of COVID 19?

Beside known benefits of weight loss ( which you know already improving Diabetes, BP, Cholesterol, PCOS, etc.)

  • As per different recent studies ( from USA, France & China) Overweight and obesity appear to be correlated to more severe manifestations of COVID 19.
  • Obese man appear to be particularly susceptible to develop severe pneumonia with covid infection having an odds ratio of 5.70(normal 1)

Why online-consultation with Dr. Girish Juneja is the best option to go with?

  • Easier (home) Environment to control and monitor
  • Less risk of exposure to infection- minimizes your risk to visit hospital/ clinic (only when necessary)
  • Post procedure follow up also from comfort of your home
  • Easier environment to sanitize


A. Office or X-ray facility based procedures ( Walk in - Walk out procedure like gastric balloon) have less risk.

A. Elipse balloon is least riskier comparative to endoscopic balloon (scientifically least invasive, least risk).

A. Things which make surgery safer during these demanding times are:
a) Well experienced, senior surgeon with good skills who ensures that procedure is quick & safe.
b) Standardized quality control with all the safety precautions is followed in each case.

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