OBALON Balloon Dubai

Just like the POSE procedure or Endoscopic Gastric Botox, the Obalon procedure also referred as balloon weight loss surgery, is another innovative weight loss system. The Obalon balloon system is designed for every person who wants to meet his/her weight management goals quickly without undergoing any invasive surgery or a long recovery time. The procedure is not only fast, but also is safe and simple, and is found to be very effective when combined with a specific diet and exercise recommended by the nutritionist.

The Obalon Balloon procedure does not require sedation. The person is simply required to swallow the ballooncapsule , which is attached to a catheter. The balloon looks quite like a gelatin multivitamin capsule. Once swallowed, the balloon is released and inflated by nitrogen gas pumped through the attached catheter. But prior to the inflation process, either of fluoroscopy or digital X-ray radiographic method is used to confirm that the balloon is below the gastroesophageal junction. After getting a confirmation via imaging feedback, the balloon is inflated. The catheter is then ejected from the balloon to freely float in the stomach.

A single balloon acquires a space of 200-250cc volume in the stomach. As a result, the patient can control his/her appetite by feeling full on consuming less. A special diet and exercise program should also be followed to see effective results of the Obalon procedure. Many patients require 2-3 balloons to be installed in their stomach with an interval of 1-2 weeks between the implants. After a period of 3 to 6 months(as per balloon recommendation), the balloons are extracted out of the patient’s body using endoscope. However, the effectiveness of weight loss system can be maintained by continuing the lifestyle changes imposed during the Obalon balloon procedure.

Benefits of Obalon

• A quick procedure of 10 minutes.
• No downtime required after the procedure and the patient can continue to his/her routine working.
• Minimal or no side effects no significant recovery time.
• Very effective weight loss procedure when combined with specific diet and exercises.
• Improves the blood sugar (if diabetic), cholesterol levels and lowers the blood pressure.