The Weight loss surgery for Adolescents and how it performs?

Weight loss surgery in Dubai for adolescents is a recommended process when it comes to quick weight loss as it helps them to get back to healthy life before the obesity starts to shorten their life. These surgeries for obesity and diabetes in Dubai has been effective in adults when it comes to weight loss and metabolic improvements, whilst also improved the bone mineral density (BMD)-Z in patients bring the majority of individuals back in line with the non-obese population within two years. The researches in London and Sweden was presented at the 6th Annual Meeting of the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgical Society 21-23 January, in Newcastle, UK.

While examining the outcomes from weight loss surgery the researchers also looked at changes in bone metabolism and structure. No previous study has reported serum bone markers to assess bone turnover after bariatric surgery in the adolescent, explained Beamish. The mean weight and BMI of the group were: surgery group 133kg, 45.5kg; control group 124kg, 42.2kg; and adult group 127kg, 43.5kg.

At five-year postoperative follow-up mean weight and BMI in surgery group who has gone through surgeries like keyhole surgeries or gastric band surgery were 96kg (total weight loss 27%) and 32kg; while a 10% weight gain was observed in control group. Mean weight loss in adult group was 37kg (29%) to reach a mean BMI 31kg. The research evidently proves that there were noted changes in the body composition including a reduction in the percentage fat mass about 51.8% to 40.9%.

While the results are purely encouraging, even for the adolescents to go for the weight loss surgery like gastric bypass surgery in Dubai to win back the healthy life. If you are obese then it’s good to go for a weight loss surgery in Dubai, well before these excessive weight issues starts cutting off your life span.