The best weight loss remedies comes in Dubai with most advanced surgical procedures for fast and safe weight loss

Many people in UAE and other GCC nations have been struggling with obesity or excessive weight issues and finding it hard to achieve healthy body weight even after strict dieting and exercise routines. They can take benefit from the most advanced and sure to succeed remedy for weight loss in terms of advanced and safe weight loss surgeries in Dubai. After been referred as the best and recommended remedy for safe and safe weight loss in countries like USA, UK these advanced weight loss surgeries are also available in Dubai.

One of the most advanced, least incisive and popular surgical procedure is gastric balloon surgery in Dubai. The gastric balloon means that the patient do not have to undergo a surgery and it’s quick procedure with a short recovery period, while one can return to work just in few days after the surgery. In terms of weight loss gastric balloon in Dubai help to lose 35-40% weight and also improve any obesity-related conditions such as sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and arthritis.

The other popular weight loss surgical procedure is sleeve surgery in Dubai, which is a restrictive type of weight loss surgery that permanently reduces the size of the stomach. The stomach size is reduced, which means the patient will feel full in lesser food consumption after the weight loss surgery, which will trigger weight loss. Most of the patients who have undergone this surgery lost approximately 60-80% of their excess weight and came into the healthy weight range.

One of the recommended weight loss surgical procedure is gastric band surgery in Dubai which is performed with laparoscopic technique. The surgery is done to place adjustable silicon ring around the top of the stomach and then clipped into place. The process will not remove part of the stomach but only restricts it and this surgery is known to be the safest of all surgical procedures with good weight loss results.