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The Weight loss surgery for Adolescents and how it performs?

Weight loss surgery in Dubai for adolescents is a recommended process when it comes to quick weight loss as it helps them to get back to healthy life before the obesity starts to shorten their life. T

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Now Weight Loss Surgery also for Older and Higher Risk Patients for a longer healthy life

Weight loss surgeries in Dubai has been quite successful all around the world for weight loss, but it has also great benefit when it comes to long term survival specially in the highly obese and at a

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Dr. Girish Juneja promises effective management of obesity through weight loss surgeries at GOSS 2015

As obesity and diabetes in Dubai are becoming prominent danger to the health of people, GOSS 2015 announced consolidated supported to counter it with weight loss surgery in Dubai. The 2nd Annual Gulf

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Gastric bypass surgery can teach medical professionals important lessons about weight loss

Research claims that patients who have been through gastric bypass surgery can teach medical professionals important lessons about weight loss. The research focused on the gastric bypass surgery patie

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Research reports suggest weight loss Surgery can benefit obese pediatric patients

The fresh research reports suggest that weight loss surgery can improve liver disease and other obesity-related health problems in severely obese children and adolescents. With increase in the obesity

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Weight loss surgery are associated with longer survival, says the study

Obese people seem likely to live longer if they have weight loss surgery compared to those patients who do not have surgery, according to Journal of the American Medical Association. The study, which

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2nd Annual Gulf Obesity Surgery Society Meeting

The 2nd Annual Gulf Obesity Surgery Society Meeting dedicated to make Gulf countries obesity free

As the alarming increase in the obesity cases in the Gulf countries, the 2nd Annual Gulf Obesity Su

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