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Helping fight obesity, Weight loss surgery Dubai

Looking for a solution to your extreme obesity? Are you suffering from obesity-related medical complications like hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol? Then walk into Dr. Girish Juneja’s Read More

Why is Gastric Band Surgery preferred by doctors?

Gastric Band Surgery is a popular weight-loss surgical procedure in Dubai these days. It is effective solution for those who are extremely overweight, typically with a Body Mass Index more than 40. It

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Sleeve Gastrectomy, stapling your stomach for weight loss

Weight gain is a side-effect of modern sedentary lifestyle and incorrect eating habits. Remedies like exercise and diet control are recommended by experts because they are harmless and natural. Howeve

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From minimally invasive to completely non-invasive procedure for weight loss in Dubai

Weight loss surgery in Dubai is known to be the best surgical procedure for weight loss, but it has now become completely non-invasive due to the robotic procedures. Earlier with the laparoscopic proc

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The mini gastric bypass weight loss surgery for an effective, long-term weight loss.

nother addition to the quick and effective weight loss remedy, is the mini gastric bypass surgery in Dubai. Mini-gastric bypass is safe and effective in the long-term with outcomes comparable to those

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The Weight loss surgery for Adolescents and how it performs?

Weight loss surgery in Dubai for adolescents is a recommended process when it comes to quick weight loss as it helps them to get back to healthy life before the obesity starts to shorten their life. T

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Now Weight Loss Surgery also for Older and Higher Risk Patients for a longer healthy life

Weight loss surgeries in Dubai has been quite successful all around the world for weight loss, but it has also great benefit when it comes to long term survival specially in the highly obese and at a

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