OBALON Gastric Balloon

he Obalon Balloon System is designed to assist weight loss by partially filling the stomach. The System consists of up to 2-3 intragastric balloons placed during a 2-3-weeks period. The balloons are swallow able in that they are delivered via capsule. Each balloon is placed individually (one balloon every week). All balloons are removed 3 months after the first balloon was placed.


For administration, a Balloon Kit is used, which includes a balloon and catheter assembly. Each balloon is contained within a USP grade porcine gelatin capsule, which is attached to a catheter. The balloon capsule delivers the balloon in a similar manner that a medicinal capsule delivers pharmaceuticals. The catheter comes pre-attached to the compacted balloon’s radio-opaque, resealing valve.


The administration (placement) procedure requires no sedation. The catheter/capsule is swallowed by the patient. The catheter is then attached to the EzFill Dispenser that contains an EzFill Can (a can containing nitrogen-sulfur hexafluoride gas mixture) to fill the balloon. After the patient swallows a balloon capsule, radiography must be done prior to inflation to ensure the balloon is in the stomach (visualized by the radio-opaque marker). The preferred radiographic method is fluoroscopy or digital x-ray since both provide real-time image of the balloon using low levels of radiation with immediate imaging feedback. Once there is radiographic confirmation that the balloon  (radiopaque marker) is below the gastroesophageal junction, then the balloon is then inflated.

After inflation is complete, the catheter is ejected from the balloon valve and retrieved, leaving each balloon free-floating in the patient’s stomach, a second radiography must be done after inflation. Once the balloons are in place and confirmed by radiography the procedure will be done.

A fully inflated single balloon is an ellipsoid with a volume of approximately 200cc. When 2 balloons are placed, the total balloon volume is approximately 400cc.


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