Get rid of threatening obesity related diseases with safe and sure to succeed weight loss surgery.

With more than 25 per cent of men and almost 40 per cent of women in the UAE are deemed dangerously overweight and might be suffering from serious obesity related illness in the future. Nearly a fifth of residents in UAE are diagnosed with diabetes, the second-highest prevalence of the disease worldwide, as per the World Health Organization data. This gives a clear picture of how obesity is looming as a deadly disorder for the residents of UAE and other GCC nations. But the good thing is that Weight loss surgeries in Dubai are already making the life easier and healthier for the people.

Most of the patients have welcomed the changes after weight loss surgeries and have said that the procedures have restored their confidence as well as reducing their risk of diseases. The most popular surgeries in the UAE are the gastric bypass and sleeve surgery in Dubai. These surgeries just shrink the stomach and alter the digestive system to induce weight loss and can be recommended for both men and women.

As high levels of diabetes and obesity in the Emirates have already pushed up the number of people signing up for the operations. With obesity comes the higher risks of a range of chronic such as hypertension, type-2 diabetes, cardiac disorders, metabolic disorders and even some forms of cancer. The alarming prevalence of obesity among the residents in Dubai and all over UAE has made the weight loss surgeries in Dubai already popular for their great weight loss after effects.

Diet and exercise are the first treatment methods of every weight loss specialist, but when these measures are not good enough to take care of onset of the obesity, then weight loss surgery is recommended. These surgeries are least incisive, while gastric balloon surgery in Dubai is totally non-incisive. All these surgeries are provided in the state-of-the-art centers for Bariatric Surgery, where surgical expertise and global resources in obesity treatment are put together to make the surgery a success.