another addition to the quick and effective weight loss remedy, is the mini gastric bypass surgery in Dubai. Mini-gastric bypass is safe and effective in the long-term with outcomes comparable to those of RYGB. This weight loss surgery in Dubai is technically simple and is an option that should be considered by all bariatric surgeons. While weight loss surgeries already becoming popular among the highly obese or people looking to lose weight fast, this surgery is another option for the surgeons to get their patients back to healthy life.

It has been reported that great weight loss along with faster reversal of diabetes has been found in the people who have gone through mini gastric bypass surgery. The single anastomosis gastric bypass is an effective procedure for morbid obesity with comparable outcomes to RYGB. It has been concluded that MGB is an effective procedure but its appears to be safer than RYGB with a lower morbidity. There has been extensive research on the 804 patients who have gone through this weight loss surgery between December 2006 and September 2012. The report that 71 (88%) patients had complete remission of type 2 diabetes and the other ten (12 %) had reduced their treatment. Seven patients (58%) who were initially treated with insulin, no longer required insulin. The mean time to remission of diabetes for patients receiving one or more oral therapies versus insulin was 6.9 versus 17.9 months.
With the great weight loss results, this weight loss surgery in Dubai is going to be one of the best surgical procedure for people looking for a safe and fast weight loss. With mini gastric bypass surgery in Dubai bringing almost no risk in surgical weight people in any part of the world can go for this.

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