From minimally invasive to completely non-invasive procedure for weight loss in Dubai

Weight loss surgery in Dubai is known to be the best surgical procedure for weight loss, but it has now become completely non-invasive due to the robotic procedures. Earlier with the laparoscopic procedures, the surgeon used to make a button-size incision in the abdominal cavity for the insertion of a telescope. But now instead of the surgeon’s hands directly moving the instruments, the robotic device is used for surgery for obesity and diabetes in Dubai where robotic arms are attached to the telescope and the instruments.

During this robotic weight loss surgery in Dubai the surgeon then sits at the control console a few feet from the patient, leaving the surgical assistant and scrub nurse at the patient’s side. With this kind of gastric bypass or keyhole surgery in Dubai, One or two additional small tubes are often placed for the surgical assistant and the surgeon can view a highly magnified, three-dimensional image of the patient’s interior structures. All movements of the camera and robotic instruments are precisely performed by the best weight loss surgeon in Dubai using only ergonomic finger controls.

These robotic weight loss surgery in Dubai is definitely going to be more popular than the traditional ones as it leads to a quicker recovery and there will be less post-operative pain. These kind of surgery will give more control to the surgeon as in the case of laparoscopic surgery, each hand controls one instrument or the camera while with the robotic surgery, the surgeon can controls all camera movements and instruments effortlessly.

The other great benefit of this kind of weight loss surgery in Dubai is that the robotic instruments move proportionately smaller distances in the body than the hand controls move at the surgeon’s control console it helps the surgeon to have a more controlled surgery with the best possible results for the patient.