Everything to Know About Reshape Balloon Procedure

reshape balloon

Not losing weight despite dieting and exercising? Tired of trying different and having trouble shedding those extra pounds? When everything has failed, and you have nowhere to go, many fat people who turn to gastric balloon procedure in Dubai. At first, this idea may seem to be off-putting and unpleasant, but nowadays there are many new techniques which involve very little surgical intervention. One such procedure is Reshape balloon, which is also termed as an integrated dual balloon or reshape duo. Let us learn more about this procedure and know the basics.

What is Reshape Balloon?

Reshape balloon, the name is due to its method, which has a double balloon filled with saline and inserted into the patient’s stomach for half a year. Reshape balloon in Dubai is a surgical procedure which involves a little intervention, but the results have been promising.

What is the procedure for Reshape Balloon?

The Reshape balloon is placed through a procedure called endoscopy. Endoscopy is a process where a person is sedated, and the surgeons put a thin tube down in the throat which goes into the stomach. For placing the reshape balloon, the balloon is inserted through this tube into the stomach. The dual balloon is in a deflated state while inserting and when it reaches the stomach it is then inflated by filling it with a saline solution. This is placed for about 6 months and then it is removed. Now, at the time of removal of the balloon, the patient is again sedated, and the balloon is deflated. This is again removed with the same thin tube. The whole procedure of balloon placement and its removal takes not more than half an hour. The person is discharged the same day and is free to go home.

Who are qualified to get Reshape Balloon Procedure?

There is no specific and strict qualification one needs to be a good candidate. If a person is an adult and has a body mass index (BMI) 27 or more , he or she may qualify for the Reshape balloon. One may discuss it with their weight loss surgeons to get more information. However, people who haven’t succeeded after trying to lose weight with diet and exercise are most probably the good candidates. Undergoing reshape balloon procedure has helped people lose weight 3 times more weight than they use to try to diet and exercise alone.

How much does Reshape Balloon Procedure cost?

The cost of the reshape balloon procedure varies from person to person depending on the condition of an individual. But it seems an affordable option as compared to the different methods a person often spends on. When you choose to shed weight with Reshape balloon, the cost of your procedure not only covers the balloon, but it also saves you from an entire expense you do for losing weight. The reshape balloon procedure is also covered by some insurances.

Is there any side effects of Reshape Balloon Procedure?

There are not any major side effects. Many patients suffer unpleasant side-effects in the initial days of inserting the balloon. They may feel minor discomforts such as nausea.

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