Elipse and Reshape

The balloon is called an Elipse and is the first non-surgical gastric balloon

Balloon-pill swallowed with a glass of water and then inflated in the stomach helps seriously obese patients lose weight, months later – passes into the toilet.

The Elipse is the first gastric balloon that can be inserted and removed without anesthetic or surgery.

The Elipse Balloon empowers overweight and obese individuals (and their healthcare providers) to reclaim their health with a safe and effective weight loss tool.



The device used in the ReShape Balloon Procedure is a dual balloon. The dual balloon is actually two separate silicone balloons with a silicone tube in the middle. The balloons are filled with about two cups of salt water (saline) and a blue dye that shows up in your urine if a balloon breaks. The filled balloons are sealed with mineral oil. It has a larger capacity than other weight loss balloon systems, taking up more space in your stomach. It Improves comfort by conforming to the natural shape of your stomach.

After 6 months, the dual balloon is removed and lifestyle coaching continues. The continuation of diet and exercise coaching is vital to long-term weight loss success.

Dr Girish Juneja is going to  (Director weight loss center, Dubai ) offers all types (4) of gastric balloons available worldwide viz.





RESHAPE & ECLIPSE  will be available too for his patients

so one stop availability of all balloons  in one clinic.