If you are looking to visit Dubai for a weight loss surgery only, then you can now have a comprehensive range of wellness treatments in the Dubai medical tourism packages. The Dubai Medical Tourism packages are launched during the first Health Regulations Conference in Dubai on October 22 and 23 2014. The medical tourism packages will cover seven areas including dental procedures, dermatology, preventive health checkups, plastic surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology and lots of other wellness treatments.

For tourists from UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia other GCC countries, middle east or from anywhere in the world, can have hotel stay and flight tickets also included in the package. While for the residents, it will offer discounted rates for certain medical services. The packages will cover seven areas of treatment such as dermatology, dental procedures, preventive health checkups, plastic surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology and wellness treatments.

Packages will be specialized from executive to basic ones offering comprehensive health services. And will include specialist consultation, lab tests and other diagnostic tests. Apart from the regular health checkups and wellness treatments one can go for a weight loss surgery in Dubai specially people who are suffering from obesity and diabetes in Dubai, UAE and any other countries. The weight loss surgical procedures now a days are also known as surgery for diabetes as it reverses type 2 diabetes completely in majority of cases(70-90%) & rest have significant improvement & need fewer medications.If you have diabetes type 2 & are obese than you should seriously think about these weight loss surgeries as beside weight loss you might get rid of your diabetes- a great benefit.

You can get the weight loss surgery done from some of the best weight loss surgeons in Dubai. The surgeons in Dubai can provide a range of most advanced surgical weight loss procedures like gastric bypass surgery, mini gastric bypass, Sleeve surgery & gastric band surgery in Dubai which are known to be some of the most successful ones in triggering fast and safe weight loss & improving or reversing diabetes type 2.

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