Diet to Follow after Mini Gastric Bypass

Obesity is a dreaded condition that has taken over thousands of lives across the globe. It is not obesity that is lethal, but it is its presence that causes other lifestyle related ailments that sooner or later deteriorate the body. Having said this, doctors around the globe have been working on solutions to fight obesity, and help patients shed those extra pounds of kilos. Though diet control and exercise have been effective methods for some of the individuals afflicted with obesity, they may not be effective as such in all cases.

So, to tackle the problem of being over-weight, surgeons across the globe have developed bariatric procedures such as the mini gastric bypass Dubai clinics have to offer. These procedures are surgical, which means a part of the digestive system, especially stomach, is removed or altered to achieve weight loss. The procedure work on restricting food intake such that the body starts burning the existing fat in the body, thereby achieving weight loss.

While precautions are necessary before and after the surgery, a change in diet is also needed. Only then is the surgery successful, the recovery is faster, and the person lives a better life. After consulting the best weight loss center in UAE, we have put forth the following dietary changes required.

Need for dietary changes

The gastric bypass surgery is said to be a lifesaving procedure, but it is only effective when you know

  • What to eat?

This is for dropping the bad eating habits and developing healthy eating habits to achieve better and long-term results.

  • What not to eat?

This is for the stomach to heal after the surgery. Knowing which foodstuff to avoid will surely boost the healing process.

Only when you have the knowledge of the same, then you may proceed with the surgery.

What to eat before the operation?

Since this is a surgical process, one needs to reduce the fat around the liver and the spleen for clear procedure. In order to do this, the surgeon or the specialist will recommend a pre-op diet which is liquid-based. The liquid diet needs to be followed 7 to 14 days before the surgery takes place. The pre-op diet will comprise the following –

  • Protein shakes or any other meal replacement shakes will be the main food.
  • All beverages need to be sugar-free.
  • Coffee or any other caffeinated or carbonated beverages need to be avoided.
  • Vegetable juice and Soup broth is allowed, but without any solid pieces.
  • Small servings of lean meat, only after surgeon’s permission, are allowed.

This high-protein diet will force your body into the process called ketosis wherein the fats around liver and spleen will be utilized, and the surgeon will have ease to operate.

What to eat after the surgery?

Recovery is an important thing after the operation is done. To do the same, a strict post-op diet needs to be followed. This is done to heal the staple line done to create the bypass in the stomach.

The post-op

Week 1 – Clear liquid diet

These will include water, fat-free milk and broth, and sugar-free jello.

Week 2 – Pureed Food

This is when your stomach will be in a better condition after operation, but not fully recovered to digest food. So, you need to start with pureed food. This will aid the recovery of stomach while providing essential nutrients to the body.

Week 3 – Protein Shakes

This is when your stomach is able to digest liquid food and needs proteins for recovery. As a result, it is recommended to increase the intake of protein for faster healing and recovery.

Week 4 and 5

You may start eating soft foods as your body gets used to the procedure.