Checklist To Follow Before Appearing For Reshape Balloon

After years of struggling and failed attempts of shedding the inches, a person has no option left except than surgery. Today, weight loss clinics in Dubai use different types of weight loss techniques to help people shift their weight. Reshape balloon procedure is one of them and it is done endoscopically by inserting two balloons connected to each other in the stomach with the help of a tube. The balloon is later inflated in the stomach with the filling solution into it so that it covers most of the space in stomach leaving less space for hunger. Often, such procedures make people stressed that everything goes the right way.

So, once you and your surgeon have come-up on a decision and you are qualified for a Reshape balloon in Dubai, you might need a little preparation. This is a to-do list which will help you prepare for the procedure and will ease your mind.



When your appointment date is near, don’t get distracted by the negative thoughts and just focus on the weight loss you will be achieving. Decide your goals makes new plans to set your new routine that will help you reach success. This whole procedure hardly takes more than half an hour. You won’t even get to know when you will have your Reshape balloons inserted.


You should get yourself set two days before the procedure. You must eat foods that are easy to digest. When you are one day away from the procedure you should limit yourself to the liquid diet alone. Now, from midnight

You should be empty stomach as anything left your stomach can cancel your procedure appointment. You may also contact your surgeon if you have any queries regarding the eating schedule.


Get your friend or any family member informed and ready to drive you to the clinic on the day of the procedure. Keep a coordination with whom you have decided the ride so there won’t be the last minute hassles. Be prepared ahead of time so there are fewer things to worry about.


There should not be a situation where you are running out of your medications or any other stuff and don’t have anyone available to drive you. Keep everything stocked up ahead of time, especially your medications, fluids, and groceries. Being ready before time will enhance your pre and post-procedure experience.


Don’t push yourself to get back to the normal routine. There does exist some of the discomfort post-surgery. These are minor symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Do not worry as these usually appear in initial days of the reshape balloon procedure as the balloon takes time to adjust in your stomach. Get an off post-procedure for 3-4  days from work or any other routine. It would be better if you sit in an upright position than lying down.

For more information or any consultation, you may contact the weight loss clinic in Dubai. They have the experts having years of experience in dealing with weight loss procedures.