8 Facts of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Tired of those extra kilos dabbling around your tummy? Tried numerous methods to shed those kilos, but ended up in failure? Well, don’t give up so soon as medical science has given us several solutions that help in achieving proven weight loss. One such proven solution that helps to tuck the tummy in, without you having to worry about painful diets and least motivating exercises is the Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery, also termed as gastric sleeve surgery Dubai has to offer, is a medical procedure that restricts the intake of food. The surgery is planned to deal with weight loss such that a surgeon is responsible for removing a part of the stomach. As a part of the stomach is removed, the new stomach is of the size of a banana, smaller than a regular stomach, and this restricts the amount of food you eat by making you full after consuming small portions of food. Like other weight loss surgeries, this procedure is believed to trigger hormonal signals between the stomach, brain, and the liver to achieve weight loss with lesser food intake.

How does the Gastric Sleeve surgery work?

In this surgery, gastric sleeve surgery surgeon in Dubai removes most of the stomach, thus leaving a small, sleeve-shaped pouch and is only of the size of banana

As the patients are not able to eat ample food, fewer calories are absorbed into the body, and hormonal triggers between the stomach and the brain are changed.

This way, patients achieve weight loss and their metabolism is improved, thereby enhancing overall health and well-being.

During the surgery, the surgeon makes 1 to 5 incisions in the stomach to insert laparoscopic instruments for removing the portion of the stomach. The procedure takes around one hour and is available for patients of all age-groups.

Here are the top 8 Facts of this revolutionary surgery:

1.      Feel fuller faster

About 75 % of your stomach is removed, you feel fuller faster. At the same time, reduced food intake causes faster metabolism as the body utilizes the existing fat.

2.      Faster Weight Loss

People who undergo this surgery have reported 60- 70% reduction in the weight in the first year itself. The weight loss is phenomenal as compared to other methods of losing weight. Within the first 3 months itself, you will notice 33% reduction in the excess weight. In about 6 months, more than 50% of the excess weight is gone away. However, as the time passes, the amount of weight loss reduces as the body slowly gets used to lower calories. As a result, the weight loss decreases by the end of the year.

Still many patients have reported weight loss by not reaching this plateau by doing regular exercise and eating healthy. As time passes, the stomach size may increase, and therefore the patients might gain some weight later.

3.      Host of health benefits

Yes, as you do away with those extra kilos, you are surely ought to receive a host of health benefits that will make you a better person. To begin with, loss of fat helps in reducing or curing the problem of hypertension. Your heart becomes healthier and so does it rhythm, thereby making you feel better.

Weight loss is also associated with reduction of diabetes, which is one of the top obesity-related issue.

It helps to cure or improve Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and Cholesterol problems.

With every pound of weight loss, there is a drop in 4 pounds of pressure on knees. This helps in reducing knee pain and enhancing the mobility.

Also, patients who lose weight have 33% less chance of being inflicted with cancer, or other life-threatening disease.

4.      BMI restored to normal

This is a topical solution to weight loss and is recommended for patients who have a BMI of more than 35 with comorbidities. Medical experts believe that when you have a higher BMI, you are more likely to develop obesity-related health problems such as high-blood pressure, higher cholesterol, Type-2 Diabetes. With the drop-in weight and exercising, your BMI becomes normal again, and you are ready to live life fresh.

5.      Gastric Sleeve surgery covered under Bariatric Surgery

Unlike cosmetic surgeries, where you must shell out money from your pocket, this surgery gets covered if your insurance policy covers Bariatric Surgery. You will have to complete a medically supervised diet program for 6 months and need to have a BMI of over 40 to qualify for reimbursement for this surgery.

6.      You need to prepare for the surgery

Like every other medical procedure, you need to be physically and mentally ready for the procedure to be effective. Before the surgery, your surgeon will work with you for weeks. He will carry out:

  • Health Assessments for medications, medical history, and surgical history.
  • Conduct tests such as ECG, X-ray and Blood tests
  • Put you on a pre-surgery diet, this includes
    • 2-week before surgery
      • No sugar and Carbs
      • Higher proteins and veggies
      • Increased amount of fluids
    • 2-days before
      • Clear liquids or protein shake
      • Discontinuation of existing medications if any
    • 12-hours before
      • No food, drink, alcohol, or tobacco.

7.      Recovery from the Surgery is faster

Generally, you are expected to stay in the hospital for 1 to 2 after the surgery. After you are discharged from the hospital, you are expected to take rest about 1 . Full recovery takes around 3to 4 weeks, and the pain of the surgery is manageable. Post the surgery, you are expected to follow a diet to boost speedy recovery and achieve faster weight loss.

8.      You may need Lifelong Supplements

As your stomach’s size is reduced, your body’s ability to absorb nutrients is permanently reduced. To cope up with the same, you will be required to take supplements of Vitamins, Calcium, and Iron for a long time. Also, you will need to exercise and eat healthy for better nutrient absorption.