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Success Stories

Life-changing revelations can come when you least expect it. Check out these unexpected weight-loss lessons from people who have been battling their weight for decades.

Lost 20 kg
natalie Wood (32 y.o.)

My weight-loss journey has been a typical one where I have battled my weight from my teenage years through adulthood.

Every now and then I would achieve success, but inevitably, the weight came back, and it always came back in a greater amount than I previously weighed. I considered the option of non-surgical (Gastric balloon) weight-loss procedure for some years, and when I learned about and researched the Gastric balloon, I knew I might have finally found the tool that could help me achieve a goal that had plagued me for so many years.

Lost 55 kg
Mark Brewer (37 y.o.)

Mark Brewer never really worked out and didn’t eat healthily, but thought he was fine as long as he didn’t weight 136 kg. However, when he got to the point where he did weigh 148 kg & developed diabetes, he knew something had to change. “That’s when it really hit me,” he told us. But he didn’t quite know where to start in order to make a lasting impact until one of his coworkers recommended to consult bariatric surgeon, who helped Brewer to find best solution – Mini Gastric Bypass which not only brought his weight back to normal but reversed his diabetes too.

Lost 48 kg
Diana Wolkers (19 y.o.)

After having her daughter, Janielle Wright failed to lose the baby weight. While she was overweight before her the birth of daughter, she felt that weighing 153 Kg at 5 feet 8 inches tall kept her from being the mother she wanted to be.

Wright chose sleeve gastrectomy. She also added 30-minute, workouts to her routine. She has lost 48 kg. Diana is now a healthier & fit mother.