GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY and its super-amazing FACTS


Tussling with those extra kilos around the waist and yet no success? Don’t give up yet, as medical science has one of the best-proven solutions to tuck your tummy in!

The Gastric Sleeve surgery aids in getting rid of excess fat around your tummy so that you can boost your results of diet plans and exercise regimes manifold.

The process of inserting a Gastric Sleeve Balloon is minimally invasive. This procedure usually involves inserting small instruments into the upper abdomen through multiple small incisions. About 80% of the stomach is removed during a sleeve gastrectomy, leaving a tube-shaped stomach about the size and shape of a banana.

Before you fall prey to certain myths, here are some quick FACTS about GASTRIC SLEEVE SURGERY:

Fact 1

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is done LAPAROSCOPICALLY

It is performed using laparoscopic procedures.

Most bariatric surgeries nowadays are performed using a laparoscopic camera and utensils, eliminating the need for the patient to be cut open during the procedure or going through a major surgery altogether.

Fact 2

BRIEF hospital stay

This is one of the most amazing facts about Gastric Sleeve surgery that makes it a worthy weight loss treatment. The surgical procedure consumes less than an hour to complete, and most patients need to spend only one night in the hospital or clinic after the surgery. Also, there is no surgical or prosthetic maintenance like it happens in other gastric band surgeries.

Fact 3


The majority of patients can anticipate a quick recovery. However, Gastric sleeve surgery patients must rest for at least three weeks after the procedure. They can resume normal activities after this time if they take proper care and follow their post-operative diet.


Fact 4

FASTER and MAJOR weight loss

Depending on your health goals and recommendations, your doctor may remove the gastric balloon after 6 months or less. During the 6 months following the placement of the gastric balloon in your stomach, you should lose about 7 to 15% of your body weight. In fact, patients typically are able to lose 60-70% of their excess weight within a year or so. This fact about gastric sleeve surgery is certainly motivating, isn’t it!


SUPER-FACT about Gastric Sleeve Surgery

According to the IFSO Global Registry Reports, patients who underwent gastric sleeve surgery lost 30.5% of their total body weight over a year’s time.


Fact 5

Lessened hunger REDUCES food intake

Did you know that you feel fuller faster with gastric sleeve surgery and for good?

Your appetite and sense of hunger are reduced after gastric sleeve surgery. Plasma ghrelin levels are significantly reduced in the early postoperative period and remain stable for years after surgery with this procedure. When the stomach is empty, this peptide is secreted, and its purpose is to signal hunger so that digestive secretions can be produced.

Losing weight and then regaining it does nothing to alleviate the health risks associated with obesity. For a successful weight loss journey and one that can lead to a happier, healthier you, you must keep the weight off for at least five years.

FEW MORE FACTS about GASTRIC SLEEVE surgery that go beyond weight loss:

Fact 6

DIMINUTION from type 2 DIABETES for a long time

According to a study, gastric sleeve surgery results in long-term remission of type 2 diabetes. The findings of this study show that the procedure is highly effective for obese patients with type 2 diabetes, with nearly all patients remaining insulin-free for at least three years following surgery.


Fact 7

Benefits the CARDIOVASCULAR system

A person’s risk of coronary and peripheral heart disease is significantly reduced after gastric sleeve surgery. Moreover, a study has proved that the weight loss achieved through this process can reduce the risk of fatality due to stroke, hypertension, and myocardial infarction. Also, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other morbid obesity-related medical conditions can return to normal or near-normal, lowering risks and improving overall health.


Fact 8


Because of unpleasant body image and social stigma, many obese people suffer from low self-esteem and despair. Even younger people find it difficult to lead an enjoyable social life when overweight. As a result, they sink into isolation and depression.

Observations say that such people encountered a 32.7% reduction in depression at the time of gastric sleeve surgery and a 16.5% reduction 6 to 12 months later.

This fact about gastric sleeve surgery suggests how useful this surgery can be in the long run.


Fact 9


Excess weight poses a lot of strain on your weight-bearing joints, which can lead to chronic pain and joint damage. Gastric sleeve surgery results in significant and sustained weight loss, which relieves joint stress and allows them to enjoy much more mobility in their day to day life.


Fact 10


Your body’s ability to absorb nutrients is permanently reduced as the size of your stomach shrinks. To cope with the situation, you will need to take vitamin, calcium, and iron supplements for a long time.

You will also be required to exercise daily and eat a healthful diet to improve nutrient absorption. Although this might be a permanent change but frankly speaking, this change is good as it will indirectly guide towards an overall healthy lifestyle.

You can experience all of the above facts about Gastric Sleeve Surgery in an optimized manner only when you follow the recommended routine of life. Attending scheduled follow-up appointments, tracking your progress, and informing your doctor immediately if you encounter any complications post-surgery should keep you sorted.

Battling obesity or being overweight can be intimidating. So, if getting a gastric sleeve surgery is on your mind, then you must consider a consultation with our Bariatric surgeon Dr Girish Juneja who is a specialist in the weight loss surgery field. With decades of rich experience, he has successfully executed several gastric sleeve surgeries earning many happy and satisfied patients.

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